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ProphetJeremiah Omoto Fufeyin is an enigma although he is considered a man of manyprinciples by his critics. He is from a dignified humble home and backgroundand was born into the family of late Pa Fufeyin of Ofonibidi in Eguomo andOkusozimo quarter in Ojobo Burutu L.G.A. of Delta State as the twenty secondout of thirty children.

Theman’s turning point is a history to reckon with, he moved into his politicalscenario with little or no favor but acted as an eye opener into Mountain ofFire and Miracles Ministries (M.F.M.) which catapulted him into an enviableheight today. In view of developing his relationship with his creator GodAlmighty, he went into the mountain for 21 days to seek divine direction tostart his early ministry.

Afterhis encounter with God at the mountain top, he started a small fellowship withGod’s children under the umbrella of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministriesas a house fellowship coordinator where he ministered to people. His strongdesire for the ultimate power of God inspired another 10 days on the mountainto seek for more empowerment from the Supreme Being that rules heaven andearth.

Morealso he returned from another 10 days of fasting and prayer on the mountain, hebegan a deliverance prayer outreach in a little space at Western Road offAirport Road, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. Thereafter as to his specialprophetic gift from God arose controversial issues as to the name behind themission. In a bid to further his divine purpose irrespective of challenges tostop his vision through the divine power of God, Christ Mercyland DeliveranceMinistries was formed to carry on the work of God to save the unsaved, heal theblind, and bring deliverance and to set the captives free.

The Manof God Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin became the founder and General Overseerof Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministries and the President of MercyTelevision.

Today,Christ Mercyland Ministry is a success story not only in Nigeria but also allover the world. Presently at Mercyland, the rich and the poor, the powerful insociety and the down-trodden, members of parliament and chief executives,Olympic athletes, football superstars, Nollywood actors and actresses,comedians, security personnel are members of the church, all jostling for thecommon purpose which is to serve God in spirit and in truth at a sanctuarywhere the miracles happen fresh and raw.

With acongregation of over 100,000 members, and a multibillion naira auditorium thatstands on an expense of 16 hectares of land under construction and Mercy TVbeaming signals throughout the world, there is no better way to appreciate Godother than to testify to the world the goodness of God in his life. He also hasMercy land camp which is built on water and can be accessed through speedboats.

The manof God explained that through Mercy TV, thousands of people have received theirhealing and other miracles too numerous to mention. His ministry is worth overN15 billion.

Hisuniqueness is the raw manifestation of power and precise propheticministrations which is why many called him Prophet Fresh and raw. He is also achronic philanthropist.




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